A South Carolina woman was held overnight in a Pickens County jail for failing to return the Jennifer Lopez/Jane Fonda classic Monster-In-Law for nearly 10 years. 27-year-old Kayla Finley rented the dark, cult film from her local video store in 2005, and felt such a connection to its tragic plotline—woman hates in-law, in-law also hates woman—that she never mustered the gumption to give it back, as it carried her from fresh adulthood through to knowing quarter-life. After Finley turned up at her local precinct on other business, an active warrant was discovered in her name, issued by the monster-in-video-store, which has since closed.

In 2005, Roger Ebert gave the film an egregious 1 star, claiming to have "hated it." With supporting roles from hockey zealot Michael Vartan and squirrel-faced Adam Scott of not-golfing fame, the $2,000 bail Finley posted seems like more than a reasonable fee for a ten-year romance with cinematic greatness.