A 19-year-old Virginia woman was arrested on Sunday after calling police to report that she'd been held at gunpoint by a dealer from whom she was intending to buy drugs. After investigating her allegations, detectives discovered the woman gave money to the dealer but was given no weed in return.

The sad tale of betrayal that was discovered by Prince William County Police is that Amanda Twomey gave 20-year-old Jackson Crisler cash so that he could score her some weed, but then instead of getting her the weed, he just kept the cash and moved on. Twomey, unsurprisingly, was hurt by this decision. But no guns were involved.

Via NBC 4 in Washington:

After not receiving the drugs, Twomey called police to report the robbery.

Following an investigation, both Twomey and Crisler were arrested.

Twomey is being held on charges of filing a false police report and attempted possession of marijuana, while Crisler was arrested for attempted possession and intent to distribute.

[Image via Prince William County Police]