After being diagnosed with cancer, 62-year-old Lamenda Kingdon drew up a bucket list. Item number one: see the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. Too bad the travel agency took her to the Caribbean island of Grenada instead.

The BBC reports that Kingdon didn't realize she was headed to the wrong place until mid-flight:

"I started to tell [another passenger] that this was part of my bucket list and I was so looking forward to seeing the Alhambra, and she replied 'not on this flight you won't'.

"I just froze because I did think I was going to Spain, I thought we'd be landing soon."

Kingdon got off at a stopover in St. Lucia, flew back home, and was put on a flight to the intended Granada the next day. She was reimbursed for her miles, and then some. Next stop? New Zealand. We don't think they can easily mess that one up.

[images via Getty]