A McDonalds in North Carolina was forced to issue a public apology this week after one of its employees burned a swastika on the inside of a customer's chicken sandwich.

The customer, Charleigh Matice, told local news station WTCI 12 that she found the swastika when she opened the bun of her southern-style chicken sandwich to add mayonnaise.

When the self-proclaimed "loyal McDonalds customer" returned to complain, the store's owner issued her a refund and apparently fired the employee.

And lest you assume the greasy hate symbol is just another potential fast-food joint hoax, WTCI 12 is pretty sure they've cracked the buttered bun story wide open: "We've been working on this story in our newsroom for several days now, making calls and talking to McDonalds," says reporter Juliana Valencia.

[image via WTCI 12]