What’s the deal with DMVs, am I right?—is probably what this remarkably tenacious woman would be saying if she wasn’t busy kicking the shit out of this particular DMV’s resident cop.

There are a lot of things to love about this video:

  1. The way she screams “You cant even fight!” right before attempting (and failing) to knock over the giant man twice her size.
  2. The way she screams “You can’t even fight!” once again, right after the cop apparently body slams her.
  3. The way, at about half way through, our little fighter drops to the ground and tries to literally crawl her way to freedom in a move reminiscent of Samara from The Ring.
  4. The way the woman yells, “I’m not going to jail!” as the cop finishes handcuffing her, after which she will almost certainly be going to jail.
  5. This woman’s comment on the video on Facebook:

All in all, an admirable mixture of perseverance and insanity. We give her ten renewed licenses out of ten.

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