Nearly a year and a half ago, Sara Soto became mildly infamous as "the naked doggy door girl," arrested after breaking into a Texas home through a pet door and hiding in the bathroom (completely nude) until the homeowners found her. She just told her side of the story to MTV in possibly the most in-depth investigation ever published of a nude doggy door trespass, and it is magnificent.

The tale begins, Soto says, when her parents broke the news that she was adopted. Wanting to escape the situation, she got in her car and headed west.

"I got to Weatherford and it was late. I had spun out of control because of an 18-wheeler, and I wind up in a ditch. I manage to make it out of there, walk down the freeway — somebody offered to help me, but they were super scary. I made it to the cop station at 12:45, 1:00 in the morning. I'm like, 'Hey, I was in an accident.' I explained to the cop where it happened. He gets my car towed."

The story should have ended there, with Soto calling her parents and going home. But, she says, the police wouldn't let her use the phone. Instead, they directed her to a gas station down the road. (Weatherford Police denied that part of the story to MTV, saying there's nothing in the report about sending Soto away.)

After knocking on the doors of nearby houses with no answer, Soto says she began to get desperate, and that's when we finally arrive at the kernel of the story:

"I start going to people's backyards. I've NEVER broken into a house before. I have music in my head, I have Led Zeppelin going, I'm in ninja mode. [I decide] I'll grab a cell phone, call my mom and leave. I'll meet her at an intersection. I'm going by windows in people's backyards, and I'm nervous. I see this doggy door."

"What went through my mind subconsciously was, if I take off my dress at this doggy door, I cannot get blamed for stealing anything [or having a weapon] if I have nowhere to put it. Two, the shock factor. If somebody were to be in there, whether it was a male or female, they'd ask me, 'Are you OK?'

"So I take off my dress and panties at the doggy door, so they wouldn't shoot me…so they're not scared of me stealing or trying to kill anybody."

Contrary to previous news reports, the 4'11" Soto says she did not crawl through the doggy door: She put her arms and head inside, opened the people-door, and walked into the strange house like a civilized human.

She didn't see a phone, so she hid in the bathtub, and the rest is history.

Soto says she wasn't drunk during the incident, and officers corroborated that to MTV. They're pretty sure she was high, though she denies it: Soto, 25, is also a rapper who performs under the name Sara Toke-a-Lot. After arresting her, they convinced her to spit a few bars for them:

Now internet semi-famous and, she says, unemployable, Sara Toke-a-Lot is focusing on her music. She tells MTV she's made some money rapping, and plans to tour with other Texas rappers soon.

[H/T Uproxx, Photo: Parker County PD]