Jennifer Wenger, a Hollywood character impersonator who goes by her street name "Wonder Woman," was saved from a violent attack last week by another character impersonator who goes by "Superman."

But Wenger and her colleague Christopher Dennis are well-known in their field and were even featured in Matthew Ogens 2007 documentary Confessions of a Superhero.

The attack occurred last Friday on Hollywood Boulevard, as Wenger and Dennis were setting up for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

According to Wenger, a "cowboy boot-wearing transient" known to local police ran towards her and punched her in the face, prompting Dennis to step in.

"I'm then reflecting all of her boot throws. She actually hits Wonder Woman again with a boot. I reflected it and it just kind of ricocheted off my arm and hit her in the face," Dennis told KABC.

Before standing down, the attacker warned the superheroes they would both "be dead by tomorrow."

The threat comes just three months after another Hollywood Boulevard transient fatally stabbed a passer-by for refusing to pay him a dollar after taking his photo.

Asked why she didn't defend herself against the transient's assault, Wenger said she opted to follow in the footsteps of her Amazonian idol.

"Thank you, Wonder Woman, for inspiring me to do the right thing and not hit that girl back," Wenger said. "Because I was sitting there [thinking], 'What would Wonder Woman do?' She wouldn't hit the crazy lady."

[screengrab via ABC7]