Black market butt injections claimed another victim Saturday in a rented basement in Far Rockaway, Queens.

A 34-year-old Maryland woman had made the trek to the “makeshift medical clinic” in hopes of plumping up her booty for less than a licensed practitioner would charge, the New York Daily News reports, but ended up dying in her mother’s arms while her shady plastic surgeon bailed in an SUV.

Kelly Mayhew’s mom told police Mayhew couldn’t breathe after getting shots of silicone in her butt. Her mom tried to give her CPR, but neither she nor paramedics were able to save the victim, who was pronounced dead at St. John’s Hospital.

A spokesperson for the NYC medical examiner’s office told the News that Mayhew’s initial autopsy was inconclusive, but the ME’s office is “doing addition studies” and police are also investigating.

Mayhew had received five previous sets of injections, and she was reportedly referred to the sketchy “doctor” by a a family friend.

The owner of the house, Joan Doyle, told DNAInfo the woman renting the basement apartment claimed that all the women passing through her side entrance were just friends, but she was always suspicious.

“Some of [the women] had weird butts. I knew something was going on but I couldn’t put my finger on it,” she said.

Unlicensed butt injections—often sealed with superglue—have killed several women in the past year, in Dallas, NYC, Bangkok and elsewhere. In 2011, a sketchy Florida doctor injected as many as 30 women with Fix-a-Flat. One of his victims, Rajee Naranesingh, is still suffering the consequences. She appeared on Botched earlier this year, and the show’s doctors determined trying to correct the procedure would be too risky.

[h/t Gothamist]