A San Diego woman who was outbid on her dream home faces felony charges for pulling a series of insane "pranks" against the home's new owner, including inciting rape, listing the victim's home for sale, and advertising high school parties at the house.

According to a felony complaint obtained by NBC 7, Kathy Rowe became enraged after the home she wanted was sold to another family. So Rowe did what any sensible person would do: She created an online ad in the new owner's name, inviting random men to break into the house—the address for which was provided in the ad—to rape her. Two men responded to the ad, and one actually showed up at the house.

"I also love to be surprised and have a man just show up at the door and force his way in the door and on me, totally taking me while I say no," she told one of the men. "Just stop by anytime Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. I like the element of surprise."

Rowe also allegedly posted online advertisements for a a free fireworks giveaway and a high school New Year's Eve party at the home. More than $1,000 in unsolicited magazine subscriptions were sent to the house, which Rowe also allegedly listed as for sale. And the complaint said Rowe sent Valentine's Day cards in the victim's husband's name to different women in the neighborhood.

An attorney for Rowe dismissed her actions as "prankish behavior," though prosecutors disagree; Rowe was charged with soliciting forcible rape and forcible sodomy, among other crimes.

[via New York Daily News]