Yolanda Orozco of Willits, California, says she definitely recalls ordering a Burger King cheeseburger without onions, but doesn't remember asking for extra razor blades.

The 46-year-old says she had just taken a bite of her burger and decided to double check and make sure it was prepared her way.

"I bit off of it, I checked for onions and then I saw a razor blade in there," she told KXTV. "I was in shock. I was just looking at it. Somebody at Burger King was careless."

Police initially suspected Orozco was pulling a scam, but were equally shocked to learn that she was apparently telling the truth.

After being led around the kitchen by employees, Officer Mark McNelley and his partner found three additional razor blades "in close proximity to food."

According to the employees, the blades were being using for cleaning purposes.

The officers determined that a blade must have fallen into Orozco's food during preparation.

The police investigation was closed without charges as no laws were technically broken, but the local Department of Environmental Health has since launched an investigation of their own.

Burger King Corp. has released a statement saying franchisees are responsible for implementing the company's "strict food handling and guest policies and procedures."

As for Orozco, she says BK reached out to her to offer restitution. "But right now, I'm just really paranoid," she added.

[screengrab via KXTV]