On Saturday afternoon, a crazed woman attacked one of Times Square’s topless women, or desnudas, punching her and calling her a “nasty whore,” the New York Post reports. Both women were arrested.

According to the Post, Amanda Roman, 23, of the Bronx, was attacked by a woman who called herself “Russia,” but who police sources later identified as Angela Portalatin, 27. Roman was talking to a female tourist who was asking whether she would pose with her husband when Portalatin attacked her.

“I was talking to her. I asked how much is it? She said, ‘Whatever you can give,’” Donna Myer, of Florida, told the Post. “I didn’t have no money. I said, ‘Let me go to the bank.’ The girl turned around, who was walking by, and said: ‘You’re a nasty whore! You disgust me!’ Then she just came over and started beating the hell out of her!”

Myer caught the attack on video.

“Some girl from out of nowhere said, ‘You nasty! I don’t like the way you look,’ and then punched her in the face for no reason,” another tourist, Mitchell Norman, 29, told the Post. “She knocked her out of nowhere.”

“It’s like none of her business that she is walking around topless,” he said.

Earlier this month, Mark Walters, a Bank of America executive from South Carolina, was arraigned on misdemeanor assault charges after attacking a pair of desnudas who he thought had picked his pocket.

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