According to reports, police have arrested a Portugese woman who was aboard the bizarre Aer Lingus flight this weekend that landed in Ireland with one passenger dead and another injured.

The mystery began when a 24-year-old man reportedly became “extremely violent” on the flight, bit another passenger and then died.

The second passenger was reportedly hospitalized upon landing and may or may not be infected with some sort of zombie virus—or they’re treating him for the bite. Honestly, there’s no real way to say.

To that end, it’s still unclear what caused the first man’s death, though an autopsy is reportedly underway. But one woman, believed to be in her 40’s, was apparently taken into custody after cops found drugs in her luggage. The details, via the Guardian:

Luggage was examined and a substance was discovered in the bags of the woman who was arrested. The substance has yet to be analysed. The woman was taken to Togher Garda station for questioning.

It’s reportedly unclear if police believe she’s connected with the man’s death or if Aer Lingus is just the Con Air of Dublin flights.

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