Taking too long to choose a movie at a Redbox? Thatz not okay.

But chest-bumping a woman and then pinning her up against a Redbox machine for taking too long to choose a movie? Also not okay.

According to ABC News, an unknown "bloated" man in his 40's or 50's was accused of assaulting a 26-year-old woman Saturday night at a Redbox kiosk in a Massachusetts Stop & Shop. The woman was "taking a long time," according to the Sgt. Denis Sheehan of the East Longmeadow Police Department. "There were a number of people in line waiting to rent a movie," Sheehan told ABC News.

At some point, a "heated argument broke out" and "there were some words exchanged and the suspect allegedly chest-bumped her." Sheehan also said the victim told him that the movie-loving man "used his forearm to press her upper chest and throat areas, and that he also pinned her up against the Redbox machine."

Images of the suspect were captured from the store surveillance camera and within 90 minutes of releasing the images to the local media, police received a call from someone who knew the suspect. The suspect, who could be facing assault and battery charges, has not been formally charged or arraigned.

[Screenshot via ABCNews]