Jordan Belfort, the crazy rich maniac whom crazy rich maniac Leonardo DiCaprio played in last year's Wolf of Wall Street, does not like being asked if he's participating in unsavory financial behavior on Australian offshoots of American news magazines.

After dodging some questions and passing on others during a sit down with Australian 60 Minutes, interviewer Liz Hayes finally asks Belfort, "The last thing is that you have an oral contract with your management, the Fordham company, is that an attempt to hide your income [in Australia]?" He did not like that question!

"I'm done with this, I'm not gonna get attacked here — you've got a lot of nerve boy, I'll tell you!" he yells as he storms off camera.

It would be unfortunate if Hayes' question proves to be true, given that Belfort is in the country to lecture Australian real estate agents on the importance of business ethics.