Three days after Amedy Coulibaly seized a kosher supermarket in Paris and killed four hostages, a woman who survived the attack described the harrowing ordeal to Europe 1 radio. Among other horrors, the woman said she witnessed the brutal killing of a man who attempted to shoot Coulibaly with one of terrorist's own weapons.

From the Agence France-Presse:

She had watched as a man inside the kosher market in eastern Paris snatched a gun when Coulibaly put it down for a moment and tried to turn it on the attacker.

"A young man took the assault rifle and wanted to shoot him," but Coulibaly "was faster and he shot him in the throat. The poor young man just fell," the woman, who gave her name only as Sophie, told Europe 1 radio.

Sophie said she saw Coulibaly kill another hostage who attempted the flee the store. "Someone wanted to leave — he shot him in the back," she said.

She also described the dramatic police raid that resulted in Coulibaly's death.

"It went crazy all of a sudden," she said. "We all rushed away, tried to hide ourselves somewhere ... Little by little, the metal shutter was going up and then I thought, 'We have go that way, we have to get out of here.'"

[Image via AP]