The 75-year-old psychic clairvoyant fortune-teller witch from Salem won her court case over the New Orleans warlock. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Despite swearing “on everything that is Holy” that he did not make the harassing phone calls, the judge found against warlock Christian Day and ordered him to have no contact with Lori Sforza or face more than two years in jail, reports The Guardian.

As warlocks go, Day’s ability to conjure up much of a defense leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, this was a bit of a shit-show:

Day said he was unable to present a strong defense because his lawyer called in sick and was “throwing up on his suit”. He asked to delay the hearing but the judge refused.

The warlock found a lawyer in the hallway to represent him and he had only two hours to prepare.

Day was accused of calling Sforza at all hours and hissing “the C-word” at her before hanging up. He also allegedly drew “an ugly cartoon” of Sforza and wrote “an insulting internet posting” involving Sforza’s adult son, who lives with her. Day has reportedly been accused of making harassing phone calls to other women on previous occasions.

Look. This is not why we are here. We are here to enjoy fun details of a legal showdown between a witch and a warlock in a Salem courtroom. So!

Wearing a long black coat and necklaces of pentacles, Sforza steadied herself with a cane topped by a silver skull. She told the judge she could see her own future...


[Day’s] website proclaims him “The World’s Most Famous Warlock”, and his Twitter tagline describes him as “Warlock. Drama Queen. Bitch.”


The fortune teller said she knew the judge would rule in her favor. She predicted it.

And, because it is nearly Halloween, a prominent sagging jack-o-lantern was invoked during the proceeding:

He said she is a public figure, who just like GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump can be lampooned on the internet.

“I’m not Donald Trump,” Sforza shot back.

She then muttered an incantation and became Donald Trump.

Happy Halloween!

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Image via AP