Police in Wisconsin have arrested a middle-aged Wausau woman and charged her with several crimes in connection with two incidents involving men she reportedly held hostage in an effort to obtain sex.

The initial incident took place Monday, when Terry L. Boyd, 52, allegedly locked her roommate and another man inside a room at a residence on North Sixth Street, and refused to let them leave until one of the victims agreed to have sex with her.

Police were eventually called to the scene by neighbors who heard a loud argument followed by the sound of a man crying for help.

Once at the home, officers spotted the men shouting from a second-story window and attempted to gain access to the residence through the front door.

Officers noted that the door was locked, and Boyd was pressing against the opposite side in a bid to keep the cops out.

They eventually forced their way in and released the men, but left after the hostages refused to press charges against Boyd.

Later in the day, Boyd was rushed to the Aspirus Wausau Hospital ER after claiming the officers had "beaten her up," but once there she became hostile toward staff, and was subsequently arrested on a disorderly conduct charge.

After leaving jail, Boyd returned home and once against locked her roommate in his bedroom.

Police were against called to the house, but this time they left with Boyd in custody.

She was charged with false imprisonment, obstructing an officer, and bail jumping.

She has since been released again, and a review hearing has been scheduled for September.

[screengrab via WAOW]