You're not going to win the lottery — especially not the Mega Millions — but if you do you probably shouldn't leave the winning ticket lying around for two weeks as you obliviously continue on with your life. Steve Tran of Northern California did just that for 13 days.

According to California lottery officials, Tran — who was one of two people to claim last month's $648 Mega Millions jackpot — did not come forward until nearly two weeks after the winning numbers were announced. Tran is said to have left the winning ticket in a pile of other lotto stubs in his house before going on vacation with his family.

It was only when he returned that he heard an unclaimed winning ticket had been purchased in San Jose. Tran reportedly realized he won only after he woke up at 3 a.m. to check his tickets.

His share of the jackpot is $324 million before taxes, though Tran has not yet decided how he will take the money. The other winner — a Georgia woman named Ira Curry — took a lump sum of $173.8 million, which came out to a total of $120 million after state taxes.

Lotto officials in California have also announced that two winning tickets from the Dec. 17 Mega Millions drawing worth $2.6 million each were purchased in San Diego County but have yet to be brought forward. So, uh, get off your ass, Mitt Romney.