Say you’re a wild raccoon and you want to use the Precious Moments-esque saucer eyes you’ve been gifted with to trick a human into feeding you regularly. You could pick just anyone, or you could be efficient and choose a hippie who will let you walk all over her (or in this case, roll a stone over her glass door for sometimes hours at a time, causing physical damage to her property). What do you do? If you’re the wily motherfucker above, you go with the hippie and you roll your way to viral fame while eating the profits.

A few weeks ago, a Sarasota, Fl., resident named Susie Chinn posted a video of a beggar raccoon she has dubbed “Rocksy” on YouTube. To date, the video has received over 2 million views.

In the clip, Chinn refers to Rocksy, a thieving vandal, as “girlfriend!” and says, “I just want people to know that raccoons are wonderful, and just because you see a raccoon out in the day does not mean it has rabies. That is such a myth! Usually it’s a nursing mother raccoon who is out trying to get food for her babies.” Chinn points out Rocksy’s nipples, confirming that Rocksy has mouths to feed. Note that you can barely hear Chinn over the clanging of Rocksy’s rock against Chinn’s glass door.

Chinn tells local news station WFLA that Rocksy will not be deterred. “I’ll take her rock and then I’ll throw it into the garden and within a couple minutes, she’ll go get another one,” Chinn sing-songs with a smile. Clearly, Rocksy has Chinn whipped.

“The noise sometimes drives me crazy, but I look forward to her coming,” says Chinn.

Chinn adds, “I’m hoping that people will learn from this and just respect animals and love them because we all have a reason to be here.”

Chinn truly seems like a kind person, and her message of compassion is important. I’d say that I wish there were more people like her, but I also suspect that if there were, the raccoons would have taken over by now.