When Willow Smith isn't learning everything she needs to know about life by watching Forrest Gump and/or reading the stories of the universe on snakes' backs, she is tweeting about doing those things. And when the 13-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith isn't tweeting about those things, she's yammering aloud similar riddles that would sound simply precious and a little amazing coming out of the mouth of a toddler or an old tortoise. Recently, Teen Vogue lent her an ear.

The result is an insane interview wrapped in an innocuous lifestyle piece profiling someone who doesn't have a movie out (on dropping out of the Annie remake: "To be honest, something inside me was just, like, Don't. I'm very connected with my intuition.") or any plans in the near future to release an album ("I have enough songs to make an album, but most of the songs I don't like...It's going to be something outlandish, something that nobody can imagine, something that comes from me and only me. Something we need right now."). Willow Smith just is, and she's fielding questions.

Or maybe she isn't.

Who knows. Only Willow Smith knows and Willow Smith is the only thing worth knowing.

Also worth knowing, though, is that her family, they love Cartier.

She adds, "My whole family, we love Cartier."

But don't hold her to that ;)

"My style is who I am all the time," she says, "and who I am always changes."

Willow Smith has political views, and access to government French fries.

"We all need to learn how to harmoniously live on this planet without frying it like those systematic French fries the government feeds us."

Willow Smith has better things to do than homework.

"Teacher: Why don't you have your homework? Me: Too busy learning about life."

Willow Smith has something to say, man.

"I just felt like people needed to hear what I had to say, man," Willow reveals. "I feel like I can really give people a different view on things."

If you haven't noticed so far, her Twitter is a treasure trove of different views on things.

This has been your periodic reminder that the Smith family is insane.

[Image via AP]