Last we left off with the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the U.S. had dropped their navy out of the search, and Australia was inching toward a resolution. As of this morning, France has now shared satellite images with Malaysian officials that point to debris in the Indian Ocean.

The images, which have not been shared with the press, show "potential objects" located in the same area where Australia and China had also found suspected debris from the plane.

Though Malaysian officials are being tight-lipped about what exactly the satellite images show, the Associated Press was told that the images were "captured Friday and pinpointed objects about 930 kilometers (575 miles) north of the spots where the objects in the images released by Australia and China were located."

These recent developments come while searchers remain in pursuit of a wooden pallet that was spotted on Saturday, but not photographed, though it cannot be confirmed that a wooden pallet was ever on the flight. When the AP contacted Malaysia Airlines for confirmation, they still hadn't responded two days later.

[Image via AP]