It's barely been three weeks since the trailer for the forthcoming Entourage movie premiered right before our thirsty eyes, but it's already raised many important questions: Will Vinny make the movie? Will Turtle get to fuck female MMA champion Ronda Rousey? Will Ari's heart finally explode from an anger-related spaz attack? But the most essential question of them all has thus far remained unanswered: Will the Entourage movie be epic, or dope? We've done a deep dive on the data to find out.

We first notice the divide in the Entourage-loving bro community on the day of the trailer's release. DJ Pauly D, a leading figure in the brommunity, took to Twitter to describe it as "So Dope !!!!" An important contribution for the promotion of the film, DJ Pauly D's tweet garnered 180 retweets.

Others seemed to disagree. New York Giants player Justin Pugh wrote that "Movie is going to be epic"; NFL Network reporter Albert Breer similarly claimed that the film looked "epic."

Even among Twitter users who are not vaguely famous, the divide was stark. "Entourage movie is here and my gooch is moist," Alex Mak of Manchester, England wrote. "Going to be epic[.]" Across the pond, Mat Ingham disagreed: "Shit this movie looks dope!"

So which is it? Will Entourage the Movie be epic as hell? Or will it be dope as fuck? We asked the social media analytics company Brandwatch to take a look at the Twitter data over the last month, and after looking at the data, we can definitively say that the Entourage movie will be...


According to BrandWatch, the Entourage movie was described as "dope" 502 times versus "epic"s meager 354 (illustrative chart, for your handy consumption, can be found above).

Does this mean that the Entourage movie will not be epic? Of course not. Does it mean that the Entourage movie will have an excess of dopeness? Almost definitely. Will Vinny make the movie? Probably. Fingers crossed!

The truth is, neither "dope" nor "epic" might adequately capture the Entourage movie. We believe Piers Morgan said it best when describing the ride, which ain't over: "BOOM!"

Summer 2015.

[Top image by Jim Cooke, photos via HBO]