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Will Smith is many things: award-winning actor, rapper, devoted husband, advice giver, and father to teen mystics Willow and Jaden. We can now add to the list, Burning Man 2014 attendee. Three days ago, Smith, donning a black gas mask and brown top hat (because that's totally normal), posted a photo to his Facebook account with the caption: "Headed to Burning Man!!"

Today, because the universe deemed our unenlightened souls worthy of such footage, a video surfaced of Smith leading a group of Segway bandits in a dance routine during his time at the festival. And yes, it is as rhythmically glorious as you might imagine.

The yearly pilgrimage to the Nevada desert—where attendees basically do heavy amounts of hallucinogenic drugs and run around naked for a week—has been known to attract celebrities in the past. Last summer, and perhaps most notably, Diddy let his freak flag fly.

No word yet if any other Smith family members attended this year's festivities.

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