Comedian Will Sasso, previously known as the best thing about MADtv, is quickly conquering yet another medium: The Internet.

And he's doing it one Vine skit at a time.

In recent weeks, Sasso's Vine account has become the standard-bearer for the Twitter-ready video app (sorry White House), with a compilation of his dadaist "Lemon" skits garnering over 2 million YouTube hits in just over a month.

That's barely worth mentioning compared with his latest supercut — Part 1 through 14 of "Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving" — which stands on just over 1 million views in less than two days.

The skits do exactly what they say on the tin: Sasso, cigar in hand, drives around Canada doing his award-winning impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"I loved him on Mad TV, and now I love him even more," said the first complimentary YouTube commenter ever.

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