Earlier this week a team of self-described teenage stoner hackers claimed they’d breached the personal AOL account of CIA Director John Brennan, though evidence of the hack was scant. Today, WikiLeaks has begun to release files from that account.

Most of the documents in the release today are either old, previously public, or both. The only new material comes from Brennan’s Standard Form 86 questionnaire, a form used by those requesting national a security clearance. Unsurprisingly, Brennan states a record without illegal drug use or an alcohol problem.

A bit more surprisingly, WikiLeaks did not redact any of the highly personal (and not particularly newsworthy) information contained in that form, including Brennan’s passport number, home address and phone number, the Social Security number for Brennan’s wife, and the phone numbers and addresses of everyone he lists as references and associates.

WikiLeaks says that “over the coming days” it will release more documents from Brennan’s AOL inbox.

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