While on board a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, Jack Jordan suffered a massive heart attack, which rallied passengers on the flight to give the man CPR. While others gathered to a help, a flight attendant allegedly said the heart defibrillator couldn't be used because the man's chest was too hairy.

Jordan's widow, Caroline Jordan, spoke with news outlet KOAT regarding the alleged messup that played a role in her husband's death. She claims she saw the defibrillator not being used and demanded to know why, prompting the flight attendant to note the man's hairy chest.

Via the NY Daily News:

"I don't expect the airlines or the flight attendants to be nurses or doctors, not anywhere close," she said. "But in that kind of a circumstance, one of the first things they should be doing is getting that AED hooked up."

KOAT spoke with several medical experts, all who said that chest hair very rarely gets in the way of a defibrillator's ability to work properly. The man's chest was eventually shaven and the defibrillator was hooked up but by that time it was too late.

Southwest Airlines is currently investigating Jordan's allegations.

[Image via AP]