An elderly widow from San Juan Capistrano who is hoping her pet parrot comes back to her says the lost bird was a living link to her late husband because it still spoke using the deceased man's voice.

"My husband passed away three years ago, and he still uses my husband’s voice to tell the dogs to be quiet, and he calls my son Patrick, or he calls my daughter Erin," Karen McIntyre told CBS LA about her belovedAfrican gray parrot October. "He picks up the phone and makes telephone calls in my husband’s voice."

The parrot has been missing since disappearing from the family's backyard back in July, and McIntyre is now turning to the public for help in finding October and bringing him back home.

Incidentally, October became the McIntyre family pet 20 years ago after flying away from his original family who lived just down the block.

McIntyre said she found the bird underneath a parked car and returned him to his owners, asking them to think of her should he need a new home in the future.

A year later, October formally joined the McIntyres as a permanent member of their menagerie.

McIntyre is asking anyone with information on October's whereabouts to contact her at ifoundoctober[at]

Amazingly, the exact same thing happened in the Central New York town of Manilus two months ago:

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