Meet the newest World's Most Controversial athlete: Uruguay striker Luis Suarez, who bit an opponent during his team's match with Italy today. And it's not his first time.

Suarez is already more or less the most controversial athlete in Europe, mostly because he has a habit of biting the shit out of his other players. His most infamous incident occurred in April of last year when he was suspended for 10 games after biting into the arm of a Chelsea defender like it was a spare rib.

A truly amazing video. But that wasn't Suarez's first time at whatever rodeos allow you to bite people. In 2010 he was suspended for seven games for chomping into an opponent as a member of the Amsterdam-based club Ajax.

Suarez sinking his teeth into general guidelines of decency is not limited to actual biting. The worst thing he's done with his mouth came in 2011, when he was suspended for racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra. Suarez is believed to have told Evra that he kicked him because Evra is black and that he "doesn't speak to blacks."

He is a nasty player and man. He also offends soccer traditionalists who think the game should be played a certain way, i.e., without teeth, or hands. Suarez was at the center of the most heated controversy of the last World Cup after he deliberately used his hand to block what would've been a game-winning goal by Ghana.

Suarez was ejected from the match and Ghana was awarded a penalty shot, but they missed it and Uruguay eventually advanced to the World Cup's final four. Suarez not only broke a rule, but did so flagrantly. It was seen by some as his most offensive act.

Which brings us to today, when, late in a match against Italy in which Uruguay had to win in order to advance, he clearly bit down into the shoulder of defender Giorgio Chiellini. Here is a close-up photo of Chiellini's shoulder.

As Greg Howard, of the Jason Sudeikis fansite Deadspin, wrote today: that's a fucking bite.

Still, Suarez isn't hated by everyone, and it can be easy to fall in love with his game. The flipside of his penchant for biting is that he plays fiercely, and—obviously—does whatever he can to help his team win. He's also a breathtaking player. This past season in England's Premier League, he scored 10 more goals than any other player. He also singlehandedly eliminated England from the 2014 World Cup last week by scoring both goals in a 2-1 Uruguay victory.

Luis Suarez is a biter and a racist and one of the best soccer players in the world. If you don't have an opinion on him now, you will soon enough.