We've been getting a lot of tips lately, which makes sense because we are seemingly pleading for them. Some of them are good, and of course most are bad and you should be ashamed, but lately, what with the Brooklyn Bridge being adorned by two new white flags, you're showing a different side to you, friends of Gawker: a theorist side.

So far, we've got two solid theories as to why and how two bleached American flags made it to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge on Tuesday. Normally both towers of the iconic bridge fly our beloved stars and stripes, but construction workers noticed early Tuesday morning that something had changed. Instead of the standard patriotic flair, the bridge had two white flags. But why?

We begin with Rob Freedman:

dear gawker,

the brooklyn bridge white flag appeared on (or within hours of) the anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing. it is speculated that the american flag erected on the moon on that date has been bleached white by the harsh conditions there. ot the 365 days that could have been chosen for the brooklyn bridge white flag raising, odds are that I am spot on with my deduction. I am surprised that no media outlet has yet made this connection.


rob freedman

Historically sound, though it seems like kind of a big risk all to simply commemorate a trip to space.

Then there's a tipster who asked to remain anonymous, speculating about who the suspect in the case is. Anyone got anything on this besides "anon"?

Supposedly one of the "suspects" has an NYPD father in a high position. Emphasis on the word suspect.

This "suspect" also has tons of appearances fighting other skateboarders at les park and on straightwhiteboystexting.tumblr.com

So the perpetrator (or one of the perpetrators) is a likely asshole.

One of you—another no-namer!—is even a rumored daredevil yourself.

There's going to be a lot of interest in the Brooklyn bridge with the flag stunt.

A few years ago I climbed the Williamsburg and Brooklyn bridges, and got arrested for it.

What do you think the flags are supposed to represent? All wacky and weird ideas are welcome in the comments, as well as rational and smart ones. If you have a real tip on this story or otherwise, please feel free to email us at tips@gawker.com.

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