Hot, sexy news out of Pennsylvania, where citizens are outraged that a US Marshal took his special gal up to the roof of the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse for an afternoon of judicial boning.

But their pleasure, she was brief: a female voyeur filmed the pair, then sent the photos to the local news, as one does (if the one in question is a total snitch.)

The person who sent the pictures to abc27 News said she has seen the couple on the roof more than once, after hours. The witness came to abc27 News because she is afraid there is a security risk. People out for happy hour didn’t seem too concerned.

So this unnamed woman took a bunch of pictures of two strangers having sex, then sent the whole series to a news outlet—and not, say, the courthouse or the police or the FBI—to mitigate “a security risk.” Uhuh. Sure.

Anyway, there was no security risk! The marshal in question, who was reportedly off-duty, had access to the roof by nature of his employment.

So a guy had sex at his job after-hours. Truly shocking.

Lighten up ya nerds!

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