Fried chicken. Fried fish. Fried potatoes. Fried vegetables. Fried dough. All popular staples of the American diet. Hey guys, one question: why no fried fruit?

Think about it: fried fruit. I bet it would be good.

Sure, some fried fruits enjoy a minor or tertiary form of popularity. "Fried apples" are popular—but they're really fried in a pan. Fried bananas are good—if you can find em. Fried McDonald's fruit pie? Don't get me started! But none of these are real live official forms of fried fruit: fruit, breaded and deep fried, just how America loves its other fried foods. Why not?

Fried fruit should just technically exist. Fried fruit should be popular. You could eat it a lot.

Imagine dipping strawberries in a light batter and frying them. Bet that would be good. Imagine dipping pineapple, or apple slices, or mango, or peaches, or pears, in that same batter. Frying them up? Yes indeed. Visualize placing them into your mouth and eating them. Mmm... tastes good, doesn't it? I bet it does (in your mind).

Fried plantains are a relatively popular food. Think of plantains as a bridge between the vegetable and fruit worlds. Now, continue all the way to the other side of that bridge—to banana land. A fried banana would be just as delicious as a fried plantain. If not more delicious. Bananas have natural sugar that tastes good. People would like to eat them fried. When I worked at a pizza restaurant we used to toss whole bananas into the deep fryer for about five or ten seconds each, and eat them. How did they taste? Good. If you battered them they would taste even better, I bet.

People might ask: could we fry cherries, too? Yes, yes you could.

Fried fruit. Why not? Fried fruit.

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