A still from the infamous ZapruderBeyonce film: Getty

The Democratic convention in Philly featured “celebrities” including Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Banks, and Lena Dunham. Why no Beyonce?

Do Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Banks, or Lena Dunham pull votes? No.

Beyonce pulls votes.

Think this is a “silly” question? Shortly before the convention. Refinery29 had this exchange in an interview with Leah Daughtry, the CEO of the Democratic convention:

I heard you love Beyoncé. Any chance she’ll be joining us in Philadelphia?

“I believe she’s in Sweden on the Formation tour, but we’re going to see what we can do to get her to fly over for the night or so. We’ll see!”

Beyonce is a known Clinton supporter. But was Beyonce there? No.

Without Beyonce the DNC was just a celebrity selfie fest. Do Demi Lovato or Sarah Silverman pull votes? No.

Beyonce pulls votes.

Where was Beyonce? Did someone “get to her?” Did anyone pull any strings—or fail to pull strings? Did Obama make a call? Have we been double-crossed? What is the real story?

If Donald Trump wins we’ll have Beyonce to thank.