One business's swift decline into debt and eventual liquidation should, hypothetically, become the treasure of a faction of art school kids with too much pocket change to blow. But Coldwater Creek, the Idaho-based company known for sensible slacks, can't seem to find any investors. Why?

2006 was the last year that the mom hotspot Coldwater Creek registered any fiscal profit, and in their filing for bankruptcy, the company reported $361.3 million in debt. But where are the RISD students? Where are the New School social justice warriors from Connecticut? Why hasn't Annelise's dad, who is a total cock with no understanding of the struggles of Bushwick life, put in a chunk of his Silicon Valley nouveau cash as a way to reach out to his estranged performance artist daughter?

The last dying breath of Coldwater Creek and its natural bi-stretch crops will come, in a twisted tragedy, near Mothers Day, as the business is planning a liquidation sale. That's May 11 for all you motherlovers out there.

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[Image via Chicago Tribune]