Residents and drivers along Aviation Road in Queensbury, N.Y. were confused and annoyed on Thursday afternoon to find that their commutes were being affected by an unwelcome visitor: meat. Lots of rotting meat that stunk up their cars. "Why is it here?" they asked. "Who did this?"

The Glen Falls Post-Star reports that the source of the rotted chunks of meat littered down the road has not been identified, but that hasn't reduced residents' anger at the matter. Many drivers took their cars directly to a car wash to handle the disgusting smell.

Via the Post-Star:

Saratoga Springs resident James Teele had the misfortune of meeting the meat Thursday afternoon as he drove home from work at Maple Tree Funding in Queensbury.

He said he quickly realized what the ramifications were.

"I immediately took my Toyota 4Runner to a car wash but it was too late," he said. "My vehicle still smells like rotting meat. Flies are swarming on my vehicle at my office."

According to the Associated Press, state workers cleaned up most of the meat, but that didn't make the rotting smell go away. Matt Phillips, a manager of a local car wash, said the loose chunks of potential chicken fat (one resident speculated) helped business for the day.

The Post-Star reports:

Matt Phillips, one of the managers of Hoffman Car Wash on Quaker Road in Queensbury, said the influx of dozens of sullied vehicles Thursday night forced the business to have them pre-washed to clean off much of the meat before going through the automated wash.

He estimated the car wash was visited by as many as 35 customers whose vehicles were dealing with decomposing material.

If this is your meat, it is time to claim it. Come claim your meat. You ruined everyone's day.

[Image via the Post-Star]