Monday was not the best day of David Marshall's life. By six p.m., the 38-year-old from Jonesboro, Arkansas was so obliterated that he'd passed out in an apartment-complex parking lot and the neighbors had to call the cops. This was not a good reason to smile. So what was?

Arkansas local ABC affiliate KAIT 8 reports:

Officer Jeremy Smith who responded to the scene around 6 p.m. said that once Marshall was awake he “seemed disoriented” and had “slow and slurred speech.”

Smith also noted in his report that Marshall was “swaying back and forth” and “his pants had fallen down almost to his knees exposing his underwear.”

Then as officer Smith patted down the sloppy, teetering man, Marshall admitted that he'd just been released from another county jail earlier that morning. The charge? Public intoxication.

The photo above is from his second arrest. Say cheese?

[image via Craighead Co. Sheriff's Office]

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