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Over the past 30-ish hours, the Supreme Court struck down a Texas anti-abortion law, Liz Warren spent a solid 15 minutes burning Trump, and the GOP let Crooked Hillary get away with Benghazi once and for all. And throughout all of it, red-faced Twitter egg king Donald Trump hasn’t made a peep. Something’s not right.

This is Donald Trump’s most recent tweet, sent out yesterday at 9:39 a.m. Eastern time (from an Android, for what it’s worth).

On June 26, the day before, Donald Trump spewed out 15 total tweets. On the day before that, he sent out 10. As far as I can tell, Trump hasn’t missed a day of tweeting in at least the past two months—quite possibly more. To not tweet, especially when the day’s news contains nearly all his favorite things (Benghazi, the establishment behaving badly, Benghazi) is wildly out of character.

And we can at least be (relatively) certain that Donald Trump is not dead. Because though he’s been silent on Twitter, his Facebook page is just as active as ever, with his most recent post appearing a mere two hours ago:

This would be completely inexplicable if not for one other little thing that also happened over the last day or so: Donald Trump hired Jason Miller, a communications adviser with actual communications experience.

Trump’s aides and advisers have been fretting over his erratic Twitter behavior for months now, so the obvious solution would be to cut Trump off entirely. Did Miller somehow manage to wrestle away Donald’s precious phone(s)? Did he simply change Trump’s password? Is Donald Trump still alive? Am I? It’s impossible to know anything for sure.

We’ve reached out to Jason Miller for comment and will update if and when we hear back. Until then, if you have any information at all about Donald Trump’s missing tweets, please do let us know. Even the worst tweets deserve to be heard.

Update 3:21 p.m.:

He tweeted.

A very benign, safe, and white supremacy-free tweet—but a tweet nonetheless. Someone’s got Trump on a tight leash.