The Boston Globe, among our country's most venerated journalistic institutions, republished a New York Times story about chocolate on its website today. For some reason, the photo it chose to accompany that story on Twitter shows a chocolate butt plug next to a chocolate Santa Claus holding a chocolate butt plug.

Specifically, the photo shows chocolate renditions of works by the artist Paul McCarthy that obviously and almost certainly intentionally resemble butt plugs. The butt plug on the left is McCarthy's Tree, an inflatable sculpture that was installed and quickly vandalized and removed in Paris' Place Vendome earlier this month; the one on the right is Santa Claus, a statue in Rotterdam affectionately referred to by locals as Butt Plug Gnome.

Why did the Globe choose these particular confections to illustrate a report about a study connecting chocolate and improved memory? Maybe it was a scatalogical joke about the dubious provenance of the study in question, which was funded partly by the chocolatiers of Mars, Inc. Maybe it was just a scatalogical joke. In any case, the Globe's followers caught on: