Yesterday, at exactly 10:23 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted at Barstool Sports writer Dan Katz that “1 in 20 want to see Harambe in the Oval Office.” Several minutes later, the tweet was gone, leaving one nagging question its wake: Why did Paul Ryan delete his only good tweet?

The vast majority of Paul Ryan’s tweets are objectively awful. Take this tweet, for instance:

Or this one:

For the most part, Ryan’s tweets are on message and remarkably dull. This one, however, was different. It glimpsed a man who “gets it.” A man who, perhaps, is being slowly driven mad by his party’s erratic Presidential candidate. A man on the edge on the edge of a psychological meltdown. And then Paul Ryan took all that away.

Or it was an intern.

Either way, it was a rare gift to see such raw emotion on a politician’s Twitter feed, but then someone snatched it away. Why? We’ve reached out to the Speaker’s office for comment and will update if and when we hear back. Until then, remember kids: Never tweet.