Facebook and Google, multi-billion dollar corporations that mine your private data for money, are apparently very concerned about the Ebola virus, because they are "socially active" companies. So they are asking—nay, guilting—their users for money to "help" "stop" and "fight" Ebola.

As you probably know, this is what it looks like if you sign into Facebook or Google, except it says your name instead of "Leah." This is very stupid, and craven, and condescending. It proves that Google and Facebook believe that their users are humans with no independent facilities, like being able to make donations to charities of their choice.

Charity should never be a guilt trip. It should be an act of free will. I love to give to charity. I do it all the time. Privately. I will never, ever, ever, give to charity through fucking Facebook or Google, both of which have coffers larger than the GDPs of all of West Africa. LOL u need my money to help West Africa? Right.

Therefore, I am switching to Bing, which does not beg for money upon landing on its homepage.

[Top pic via AP]