KFC is the biggest US fast food chain in China. In the past year, however, sales have fallen sharply. Why oh why have the Chinese forsaken our delicious poisonous fried chicken?

The Wall Street Journal today examines a few possible causes of this distressing assault on KFC's business success.

Yum's woes began with a Chinese media report in November 2012 alleging that a KFC supplier had been using growth hormones and antibiotics to help chickens grow faster. The claims, which quickly spread online, tapped into widespread consumer fright in China over food safety.

Pish posh! YUM-brand fried chickens adhere to only the highest standards of...

Mr. Su says an avian-flu outbreak last spring prolonged the sales slump.

Ehh... KFC, which adheres to only the highest quality standards when it comes to dead birds, cannot be blamed for every little...

The current struggle is more vexing than previous stumbles. SARS in 2003 and an avian flu outbreak the following year hurt KFC sales. In 2005, KFC pulled several items from its menus after discovering that some of its chicken seasoning contained a carcinogenic dye.


If you're eating lots of KFC you're bound to die young anyhow. Just go with it, China.

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