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Yesterday, sulking fame heir Willow Smith performed her song "Summer Fling" on the first episode of the new Queen Latifah Show. If you saw the official video for this song that can't decide if it wants to be a ballad or an uptempo (not that it has to decide anything since it is millennial), you probably noticed that Smith breaks into a British accent for no good reason during the song's few spoken lines. She sounds extremely stupid, which I guess makes sense since she is 12. She did the same thing during her performance, but the accent was more pronounced and the lines were different. In the interview that followed the performance, Smith did not speak in a British accent, which also makes sense, since she isn't British.

(Also during that interview, Latifah spoke of a summer fling that the song reminded her of. "His name was Haneef, I'll keep it real with you," she said in her hetero accent.)

Why did Willow Smith do this? Why does Britney Spears speak in an English accent throughout her single "Work Bitch!" which was released on Sunday, just as she did in her previous will.i.am collaboration, "Scream and Shout?"

Is this a symptom of attempting to escape one's existence after being pushed into fame by overbearing stage parents? Do these young stars think they're Madonna? Or Nicki Minaj and/or Mariah Carey? Will another person who became famous at an early age also speak in a British accent this week, bringing the number up to three and thus qualifying this phenomenon as a trend? Miley? Lindsay? Drake? Anybody?