Earlier this month, the shipping company Maersk got itself on the cover of Businessweek, after investing billions of dollars in the biggest ships ever built in world history. Today, Maersk says: Hey, anybody wanna buy the world's biggest ship?

The company is just about ready to take delivery of the first of 20 "Triple-E" ships that they ordered two years ago, at a total cost of $3.7 billion. These ships are so god damn big! "They’re 1,312 feet long, 194 feet wide, and weigh 55,000 tons empty. Stand one on its stern next to the Empire State Building, and its bow would loom over the heads of those on the observation deck; a single link from its anchor chain weighs 500 pounds."

Just think of all the stuff they can put in that ship, and ship it!

How fucking psyched is the head of Maersk to finally get his hands on this humongo super ship—upon which he has literally bet the entire financial future of his company? Pretty psyched! Well—kind of psyched. Not really psyched. He tells the Wall Street Journal:

"It's pretty clear that when we look back to early part of 2011 when these ships were ordered, ours and everybody else's view on growth was somewhat different than what it turned out to be and therefore the market will not be as quite as big in 2015 as we thought it to be," Mr. Skou said.

Now available for parties, bar mitzvahs, and weddings: a big old boat.

[Photo: AP]