The Hawkins County School District in East Tennessee has reportedly launched a new district-wide meat inspection program after apparently serving six-year-old pork to their students. “It’s not clear,” WATE reports, “if it was tainted.”

Michael Herrell, a parent and Hawkins County, Tenn. commissioner, alerted school district officials to the old meat after he was texted a photo of the six-year-old pork by a cafeteria worker last week, the Nashville Sun Times reports.

He was also apparently told by a cook at Cherokee High School that “the meat was bad,” but that cook was allegedly “told by the manager to cover it with gravy to give it a better taste.”

According to the Associated Press, schools have since inspected their meat inventories, and uncovered products that date back to 2009.

Hawkins County Director of School Steve Starnes told reporters that a new inspection system has been implemented at schools across the district to prevent a future mishap. No students have reported getting sick.

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