In June, the world’s oldest woman Jeralean Talley died at a mere 116. On Tuesday, official world’s oldest man Yasutaro Koide died at 112-years-young. Then on Tuesday again, the unofficial world’s oldest man, Andrew Hatch, died at the ripe age of 117. And now, as we pass the wizened, old man crown to 112-year-old Holocaust survivor Yisrael Kristal, we must ask ourselves: Who’s murdering our oldest men and women?

A quick glance at the Gawker archives alone reveals a sinister pattern. Almost as soon as one oldest man or woman grabs the title, he or she perishes within months, if not almost immediately. All of it far too convenient to attribute simply to chance.

Unfortunately, we have far more questions than answers. What does this killer want from our wisest citizens? Why have they been able to run afoul of the law for so long? And who is going to warn Yisrael?

If you have any information at all on this eradicator of elders, please do let us know.

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