82-year-old billionaire and News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch has been thinking about death lately. Over the weekend he wondered, on Twitter: “Can we all live to 120 or more? Probably not, but our children for sure.” It looks like Murdoch’s taking his chances. Buried within a USA Today column about the media titan’s fresh outlook on life (hampered only by his recent separation from his wife, Wendi Deng, and the phone-hacking trial in England), former Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff notes a new love interest:

In June, acting on new reports about her involvement with Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, [Murdoch] summarily ended his marriage — to no one’s greater surprise than his wife's.

His own hurt feelings have been soothed by a new romantic interest, a younger woman who has been traveling with him — his massage therapist — who, he has told friends, has made him very happy.

Nice! You can almost hear the New York Post headline blaring a pun about the age difference.

Anyway: Drop us a line—right now!—if you know the name of Murdoch’s mystery girlfriend. Photos of the couple are welcome, too.

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