Here in the liberal media, we all like to joke, in our little liberal elite cabal, about how dumb Republicans are. And Republicans sure are dumb! But are they dumber than Democrats?

The Republicans are a party that openly celebrated and promoted the leadership skills of George W. Bush. Republicans also make up the majority of fans of Tim McGraw. Republicans are, without a doubt, extremely dumb.

Democrats, we therefore assume (no doubt in part because we are thinking of ourselves), are a more urbane and sophisticated group of people, capable of effortlessly carrying out tasks like not forwarding crude racist email jokes to the entire office, or understanding that The Onion is a parody site. We are, we imagine, a little less fucking stupid than the other side.

Is our worldly and streetwise self-image justified? Or may there come a day when Democrats fall prey to the same sort of pitfalls that trip up Red Staters who we so often deride as morons?

From Facebook:

"I am not a fan of this POTUS based on his policies and his lack of leadership skills (strictly my opinion) but calling the President of the United States as jackass is disrespectful. And no, I did not read the article. I did not have to after the tag line."

"Are people so desperate that they have to use a slip as an excuse to go on a rant? There are plenty of substantive things about the man to criticize without scraping this low. Give me a break!"

"So, I suppose the author of this rather flagrantly opinionated and crass article has never lost footing? They have with me- unfollowing. Why don't you go make fun of crippled people or something with that adolescent condescension."

"Regardless of how anyone might feel about the President or his policies...he is still our President...and deserves our respect. This is garbage reporting."

"Did he just really write a full article about the president almost falling down the stairs? Not to mention with overtones of disrespect."

"I have yet to see in an article where they called George bush a dumb ass! Smh! Double standard as always."

"Oh, good grief, you right-wing jerks need to find something substantive to talk about. BTW, if you've ever walked down a set of stairs vs. one of those portable, enclosed ramps, you know very well that those steps can be a bit tricky. You nut jobs on the right are hopeless."

"I love when the shared from this site come through. It reminds me of the kids in college you knew weren't going to do anything meaningful with their lives- like the ones who grew up to drive celebrities over the edge or run princesses off the road. Or better yet- show disrespect for their country because they think it's cool. That's the real funny part of their articles- how dumb they are."

From Email

Subj: Really disgusting article on President Obama

WTF kind of article is this Tea Party Presidential bummer love ? ? stupid article Hamilton Nolan

Subj: [No Subject]

I'd like to say, I've never heard such a lack of respect for our president! I see you are one of the many ignorant, disrespectful America's that has a problem with COLOR.....let's be HONEST, if it w were George "Fuck boy" Bush, would you have called him a "jackass"? Or, Bill "Fuck anything that moves" Clinton? I think not, we work hard to keep this country together, just like any other white American! I not prejudice, never been! But, have to call it OUT, when I see fit. You say your an American, then act like one. Show respect for our Commander in Chief, he's worked hard to accomplish things, That's most online dream of! Probably, including yourself, wonder would you have called him that to his face?"

Subj: Obama fall on stairs- you're story is ridiculous

Can't believe you compare someone tripping to their ability to do their job. You're an idiot.

Subj: Obama article

Mr. Hamilton,

The complete and utter disrespect you have for our president astounds me. PEOPLE TRIP! And you have the audacity to claim the president is an unfit imbecile for slipping on the steps on an airplane? Does the fact that he has normal humanizing tendencies diminish his role as the leader of our nation? Is he not supposed to have the same movements and motions that we lesser humans possess? The fact that you are a "journalist" who writes such utter and complete drivel makes absolutely no sense to either me, or the myriad of commentors on the article you posted. The immediate negative feedback your article has received should be a wake up call that not everything is funny, that sometimes you can cross a line, and that line is disrespecting the president of the United States for slipping on stairs, like LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE DOES EVERY DAY! What you wrote is not journalism, it is not news, it is not worth calling yourself a write for. You can go tell your supervisors that many of your readers have had enough of the things you people post on a daily basis, for it has lessened in humor and reached further than borderline offensive, and many of your readers (you can just look in the facebook comment section of that pathetic excuse you call an article) have resolved to unfollow your "news" page based solely on this article. Tell your supervisors you are responsible for the loss of readers. Thank you and goodbye.

Subj: Go fuck your self & burn in Hell! You piece of Sorry excuse for a racist human being!

You keep my presidents name out your mouth... Before you utter any anything think about your dumb as life!

Foolish fuck!

Subj: Fucking fart!

You Sorry piece of excuse for a racist human being!

While Republicans are too dumb to understand the intricacies of journalistic bias, Democrats do something about it. Our partisan pride is safe for now :).

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