According to a report in the Guardian, Monica Lewinsky came this close to sitting in the same box as Al Gore this weekend at Cannes before organizers wised up and tossed her out—narrowly averting a crisis, maybe, if this had happened in say, 1998. Mon dieu, quelle horreur. Can you even imagine?

It’s unclear from the Guardian’s report who tossed Lewinsky out of the box, but from what they’ve reported it definitely wasn’t her choice:

On Saturday, Lewinsky was invited to sit in the mayoral box for VIPs at the Palais de Festivals on the last night of the Cannes Lions advertising festival.

Gore, who served as vice-president to Clinton, was at the festival to receive the LionHeart, an honorary award presented to an individual who “through innovative use of commercial brand power has made a significant and positive difference to people or the planet”.

Lewinsky did not take up her seat in the box. Instead she joined the main audience, although it is not clear if the ticket was rescinded by the organisers of Cannes Lions or at the request of Gore’s team.

PR advisers for Lewinsky declined to comment on the incident.

Neither Gore’s PR advisers or Cannes Lions had responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

How gauche! Good thing someone was looking out for Gore’s reputation.

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