Yesterday, the New York Daily News ran a story that sounds salacious at first blush. "EXCLUSIVE: New FDNY firefighter starred in at least 10 gay porn flicks before joining Bravest" reads the headline. I admit it, I clicked!

And then...I didn't blush. It's a story about a 33-year-old guy Jonathan Jesensky who performed under the pseudonym Jonathan West and eventually left porn for a more stable career as an EMT on the FDNY in 2012. He became a rookie firefighter on Tuesday.

Good for him, you might be thinking. But this seems potentially scandalous. Do his bosses know? Yup. They do:

"The legal department is aware of his work history," said FDNY spokesman Jim Long.

But is it, like, legal for him to be serving his city with such a naughty past? Yup. It is:

The city's uniformed forces do not hire people with a serious criminal past for law-enforcement jobs. But the city's strict civil service law — which includes age and fitness requirements — does not bar candidates who have posed nude or starred in X-rated films.

But will he be accepted by his fellow bravest? Seems like no1curr:

"He's new, we don't really know him too well," said one firefighter at the house.

"Whatever, I don't care," said another firefighter when asked about the porn. "I haven't met him yet, but I don't care."

OK, but is he at least gay? A gay firefighter is..something you don't see everyday. Maybe every other, but surely not everyday.

But Jesensky tells people he's not gay and that his porn work was just a job.

"He was gay for pay," one online fan of his work proclaimed.

Oh my god, give me something here. Please tell me he is at least hot and handsome.

"Jonathan West is one handsome man," cooed one fan in a gay porn Web forum.

"What a stud ... he is so hot," another gushed.

Well great. Sounds like he'll fit right in ;)