Only two episodes in to season four, and Game of Thrones is already killing off major characters. As I did for episode one, I've put together a collection of scenes, references, and characters from episode two that deserve a special comment or mention—in particular, an investigation into season four's first major death.

Let's C.S.I. Westeros this. Finally, someone on this goddamn show whom we wanted to die actually did: little blond sociopath King Joffrey, poisoned at his wedding. But:

Who killed Joffrey?

Here's a list of all the people who had visible access to Joffrey's food or drink before he was poisoned, and/or had a motive to kill him:


Did she have access? Yes. Sansa picks up Joffrey's goblet when he kicks it under the table while attempting to humiliate Tyrion; she could easily have rubbed poison in it
Motive: Hates Joffrey; used to be engaged to him.


Did he have access? Yes. Tyrion pours Joffrey's wine after Joffrey forces him to be cupbearer.
Motive: Hates Joffrey; is related to him.


Did she have access? Yes. Margaery feeds Joffrey his pie right before he chokes out and dies.
Motive: Hates Joffrey; has to marry him.


Did he have access? Unclear. But it's sketchy as hell at this dude shows up to drag Sansa away right when Joffrey dies.
Motive: Hates Joffrey; is Joffrey's fool.

Lady Olenna

Did she have access? Yes, probably: Lady Olenna sits next to Margaery; Joffrey's wine is placed directly in front of her.
Motive: Hates Joffrey; is marrying her granddaughter to him.

Oberyn Martell

Did he have access? Unclear. But, come on. This guy!
Motive: Hates Joffrey; also hates his dad.

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