Sure it could just be an accident, but I saw the 1994 winter Olympics.

Our modern-day Nancy Kerrigan—best supporting actress in a miniseries nominee Kathy Bates—was reportedly injured by an unknown assailant during the Golden Globe broadcast Sunday night.

The onlooker tells Us Weekly that Bates, 66, "screamed out in pain and almost collapsed" before steadying herself on a chair. It's unclear what happened, but the eyewitness speculated that someone may have stepped on her foot.

But where other outlets see an "accident," I see something different: "professional jealousy."

Just spitballing here, but seems to me there's a handy list of suspects already drawn up by the Hollywood Foreign Press. And who can say what best supporting actress in a miniseries nominee Allison Janney is really capable of? Can anyone prove best supporting actress in a miniseries nominee Uzo Aduba—who probably has access to a wealth of former cons among the consultants on the set of Orange Is the New Black—definitively didn't do it?

"[Bates] limped back to her table and looked to be crying in pain," the onlooker says, adding that people were en route to tend to the actress.

There's no way best supporting actress in a miniseries nominee Michelle Monaghan thought she had a chance in hell of winning, so she's probably not involved. Did she even show up? But best supporting actress in a miniseries winner Joanne Froggatt, who would suspect her? Exactly. If she's winning awards for her acting skills, can we really trust anything she says?

UPDATE: Us Weekly caught up with Bates at the Patron-sponsored Fox party, where she said, "I'm fine now! I'm absolutely fine."

This injustice has not gone unnoticed Kathy Bates! But was it Janney? Really seems like it could've been Janney.

[image via AP]